Excerpts & Extras

Here is the prologue and epilogue to the game. Hopefully it will give you a better idea of the setting of Reclamation!




Here is a sample MP3 that will be similar to the MP3 incentives that I offer in my Kickstarter project. This one is kind of long, because it was the original narration to my original Kickstarter video idea. I abandoned it at the last minute for something a little funnier/personal but it’s still kind of cool.

MP3 Reading  


Here is more detailed information about the “Marks of the Fallout” that exist in this game.

Marked Classes


Sample Haven for Reclamation Play – Serenity



Sample Protagonist Group for Reclamation Play – Fandible Empire

Fandible Empire


Other Writing Samples & Narrations from Reclamation


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