If anyone has any questions about me or Reclamation, feel free to post them below. I will make every effort to respond ASAP!

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    • Good question. My goal is to go to print in the next 7-10 days through Lulu.com. From my understanding, it takes them about two weeks to put together the book and make it available to print. At that point, it will be available to order from their website and perhaps a few others. I will also order a bunch of copies myself and begin visiting conventions to promote the game. So… it is hard to give a set date because this is the first time I’ve done this and I’m bound to hit a few obstacles along the way, I would estimate in about 3-4 weeks Reclamation will be available to order.

    • Definitely want to hit Origins and GenCon as they are both huge and conveniently close to me. I need to look into other cons with more detail. Honestly, I have been so focused with just getting the game ifself finalized that i have not had much opportunity to scope out promo opportunities. When is Connecticon?

  1. I had a rule question about Reclamation. You can’t have more then 5 points in a talent, but can you have more through mutations? For example if you had 3 points in Intuition and then you bought the Pariah Oracle Mutation that gives you +5 to all Intuition checks, would you then flip +8 cards on Intuition checks (3 from talent and 5 from mutation) or would you just top out at 5 and that’s that?

    • That +5 is a bonus to the RESULT of your check. Suppose you have a 12 Perception and 2 points in Intuition. You then flip 3 cards into your action pile (one for your fate and 2 for Intuition) and take the best result…. Suppose that is a black 10 which gives you a score of 22 (12 + 10). The Oracle bonus tacks on another 5 to the score making the final result 27.

      If the ability says, “add +x to the result of your check” then the number is added to your final action check result score. If the ability says, “add +x cards to your action pile” then it lets you flip additional cards.

      But yes… If you have a special power like a mutation that would push your talent score beyond 5, that is perfectly okay!

  2. Great game, I’m really enjoying reading it. How would you handle fanning the hammer, with something like a Protectorate Peacemaker? I’m tempted to handle it as a double- or triple-tap, as per page 77. But it is pretty inaccurate, so maybe a -4 penalty?

    • There is not a clear rule for handling this exception, but I definitely think people should be able to “fan the hammer” as you say. The problem with a -4 penalty is that it would result in a negative modifier for a double-tap and a wash for a triple-tap. In other words, the protagonist uses up extra bullets for nothing. I would submit either of these ideas for a viable House Rule:

      1. Treat “Fan the Hammer” as a dramatic action. The player must spend a drive point, but gets to strike twice with the weapon this round, which means he could potentially wound twice. I would also make the person spend at least three bullets.

      2. Treat “Fan the Hammer” as a special action like double- or triple-tap. They get the +2 bonus for shooting two bullets and +4 for three bullets, but to account for the inaccuracy like you mentioned, do not allow them to use the Warfare Talent to re-flip cards.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. Hmmm… I think I have misunderstood the rules regarding double and triple taps. As per your suggestions, I take it that the extra bullets used in either special attack are “sacrificed” solely for the bonus to the PER check. I originally understood these moves to net both the bonus to the check, as well as providing an extra flip for damage. Hence, my suggestion for the penalty. I see now that I was assuming an extra attack per bullet, which is not supported by the rules. Sorry.
        I think I’d use option one in conjunction with the “Quick Draw” dramatic action, with a three drive point cost (or would this verge on an epic action?)
        I’d use the second option in ordinary strike checks.

      • in response to your second post, skullbrick..

        That all ends up being a judgment call in the end. I actually want the rules to be flexible and adapted to the individual “house rules” of each group. I think you could combine this with QuickDraw no problem. I might even let it go for 2 drive points (but I’m a little more liberal with what can be done with drive myself). Personally, if someone fired off an epic action to do this, I would just say that both shots from the hammer fan hit for maximum damage unless the adversary had some kind of significant armor or defense against such attacks, then perhaps you make some kind of action check or whatever.

      • No worries. I wasn’t looking for any definitive, bound-in-stone kind of rules. I was just seeing what kind of fun you could with the rules as given. Your comment on the kickstarter video mentioned how you wanted the system to be able to handle other settings; so I was tinkering with how I’d play a horror western with it. Hence the obscure weapon question.
        I thought about charging more drive points simply because I fall more on the horror side of horror/action games. It’s also why I was unsure about how epic an epic act should be. It’s all flavor and personal taste.
        Thanks for the good suggestions.

  3. Hello, sorry to bother again but I had one more question that came up that I wasn’t sure about the answer to. Does adding more points to your Resilience give you more Starting Pain Points later or can that only be done with Purchased Pain Points?

    I.E. If a player creates a character with 10 RES they start with 10 Starting Pain Points, if they then earn enough ME and spend it to raise their RES to 11 do their Starting Pain Points go up to 11 as well or do they stay at 10 and the only way to get more Pain Points is to spend ME on Purchased Pain Points?

  4. I played a demo of Reclamation at Origins and really liked it. I only wish I’d have know how fun it would be earlier so I could have signed up for one of the longer events. That being said, will there be any Reclamation events at GenCon or other conventions around?

  5. I would like to set a story in the reclamation universe for my media studies class. May I have permission to duplicate your work in front of the class specifically?

    • I don’t mind.

      I am curious what exactly the project is thaat you are doing for Media Studies? Are you writing a fake article set in the Dystopia? A critique of the setting? It sounds interesting.

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