Downloadable Adventures

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Red Widow

You are sworn men (and women) of the Sentry Defense Initiative (SDI)—a division of the Protectorate responsible for defending live cells and other communities from the terrors of the Dystopia. You are deployed to respond to yet another call of distress from a nearby live cell. The mission appears routine, but in this dark and poisoned world, there is a malevolent force breeding in the shadows—and “her” malice has been fermenting for decades.

This adventure gives you a great taste of the “horror” aspect of Reclamation.

Unsafe Haven

Your party has stumbled across a rare sight – a haven city standing as a bright beacon of civilization in the otherwise twisted hell-scape of the Dystopia. Yet there is no peace in this world without a price. You are tasked by one of the grand leaders of this haven with a “Loyalty Test” to prove that you are worthy of the haven’s protection. As the test unfolds, it becomes clear that there is a fine line between tests and suicide missions.

This adventure is an excellent starting point for an ongoing campaign.

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