Unsafe Haven – New Reclamation Adventure!

This is a mini-adventure written by my good friend and long-time gamer John DuBois. He actually gave me the draft to review and finalize months and months ago… but better late than never, right?!

Click to download Unsafe Haven!

“Unsafe Haven” takes place in the city of Serenity which is actually detailed in the back of the core rulebook. This adventure is designed to be very open-ended with multiple conclusions depending on the decisions of the players.


At some point here I will get some of the pre-generated character downloads available on the site as well, but in the meantime, here is some generic background information for the five starting characters of this adventure. Please keep in mind that you are MORE THAN WELCOME to create your own characters to play this adventure – the pregens ARE NOT required! However, the pregens offer “personal” missions to each player.

Katrina – Survivor

PERSONAL DESCRIPTION: You are an agent of the Protectorate, the closest thing left to a national government for thousands of miles. The Protectorate has sent you here because they know that one of Serenity’s ruling council is an archon – a powerful member of the mortis-horde who are the masterminds of any of the mortis-horde’s organized plans. Your mission is to discover the archon, what the archon’s plans are, and to recruit any Marked individuals you encounter to support the Protectorate. Killing the archon after learning of its plans would earn you high honors.

Normally, you’d have been able to get into town without being identified as Marked, but since your arrival involved being chased by a small horde of dregs, Imogen Tybalt has specifically asked for your presence for this “loyalty test”.

  • 2 points in Warfare Skill

Irene – Pariah (Oracle)

Your dreams have been haunted by visions of a CDC encampment known as Ifia. The only way to learn the meaning of the visions is to take Serenity’s loyalty test, but as a Pariah, you are afraid that your group will distrust you if they learn your powers. You need to learn what this installation has to teach you without showing your hand.

  • Spiritual Attunement
  • Intervention
  • Fate Alignment

Hugo – Magi

The Magi order in Serenity have reason to believe that the CDC has located and is hiding a number of religious texts. Your mission is to discreetly locate these texts and return them to the order. Any other knowledge you can gain about Serenity and its environs would be helpful.

  • Milk of Isis
  • Minor Vanish
  • Odin’s Fist
  • Foresight

Wilma – Host

You are a new Disciple of the Host. The Progenitor’s other subjects in the area are currently engaged in deep cover missions, and your directive is to make yourself known to Imogen Tybalt as a Host and bring yourself – and by proxy, the Host – into Serenity’s good graces. You are to pass Serenity’s Loyalty Test, but your true loyalty remains to the Host.

  • Hive Mind
  • Memory Acquisition
  • Psychic Download
  • Technical Protocol

Andrew – Paragon

You are an officer in Serenity’s militia as well as the son of House Tybalt’s matriarch, Imogen. While this would normally result in preferential treatment beyond measure – including exemption from leading Marked on Loyalty Tests – you’ve recently had a falling out with your mother. You thought this was another minor argument, but with your mother tapping you for this mission, she appears to have taken this fight far more seriously than you did. Maybe the stress of running one of the safest Havens around is getting to her – or maybe something far worse is going on.

  • Paragon Powers at Level II





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