New Custom Reclamation Cards!

I think I’m ready to go through the process of getting this new Reclamation deck available for purchase through DriveThruCards.

If you want to check out the new cards, click the link below! I’m particularly excited about how the new “face” cards turned out. I did end up making the text for the club and spade face cards white (which might seem a little weird), but since I used full and darker images for the face cards, I think it’s important to make the text pop – so to speak.

Tell me what you think!


4 responses to “New Custom Reclamation Cards!

  1. Love the red face cards; very intense. The white spades and clubs took me aback but I’m a sucker for good design. I think they’ll grow on me.

    • Just showed them to my girl. Her initial reaction was she loved the red on gray, but really liked the white letters much better on the darker background art. She felt red was strong enough to carry any level of grey, but the white “popped” on the darker backgrounds. I think I agree.

      • Awesome! Thanks again for the feedback. Sure enough their have been a few hangups in the template submission (there always are). I have a few images that use up too much ink, haha.

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