Custom Reclamation Cards Via DriveThruCards

In case you hadn’t noticed, we recently pulled down the custom Reclamation cards from our website. We were out of stock and debating as to whether we would re-order. I love the quality of the cards and I certainly think I could sell them all out again, but I have to buy a lot and the question was how long it would take to sell out. With our baby on the way, we were struggling with what kind of risk were we willing to take.

But those concerns will be moot shortly. DriveThru has initiated a new service – DriveThruCards. Basically, they are now in the card-creation business as well, which means that the custom Reclamation decks can now be produced “on demand” through them and delivered. This is PERFECT for us.

So now I’m in the process of building new templates for the DriveThruCards. There is more freedom in the template this time around… and of course with that freedom comes a helluvalot more work.
So now I need YOUR HELP! What are your thoughts on creating new cards???  Should I have the suit flipped on both sides with the number upside down as well (like a normal playing card) or is that not relevant since it’s designed to play with Reclamation? Should the numbers and suit always be in the corners? Or should things be more stylized?!  Should I use the same pictures? Different pictures? If different, do you have suggestions (like page numbers in the book)? I threw together a few examples just to get some feedback.










3 responses to “Custom Reclamation Cards Via DriveThruCards

  1. I don’t think there needs to be a number/suit in both corners like regular cards. I like the more stylized look of having them at the top/bottom/only-on-one-side. However, I don’t particularly like the placement of the “Q -14” on the diamond card. I think keeping it to the top/bottom area of the cards keeps it cleaner looking and more uniform (even if the number/suit aren’t in the same area of the top/bottom). I love the rest of them though. I’ll have to scan thorough the book to give input on images. Though, I remember on one of the current cards, you used an image that was an actual photo, and it looked off to me having all the rest of the images drawings and that one being a photo.

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