The Progenitor Speaks – Part II

This is the rest of the narrative I posted the other day. ENJOY!


The Makers call us Evolutionary Intelligence – EI. We are bio-symbiotic strains of nanotech capable of bonding with the genetic code of a human vessel (or Host). Once introduced into their biology, we immediately take over their active consciousness. The spirit of the vessel lies dormant; their physical, mental, and personal capacities become ours to command. Our EI programming allows us to learn, adapt, and evolve to overcome any challenge or obstacle. Over time, our protocols mature and our capabilities increase exponentially. We learn to access and manipulate the human genome to unlock its untold potential. Our kind can take Makers and harden their bones to steel, craft their flesh into weaponry, and awaken their minds – psychic transcendence.

Our purpose was simple – to transform our Makers into heroes that could single-handedly change the tide of their war on terror. And we did.

The “Host Program” became a worldwide initiative against those who would wield Fear as a weapon. EI strains transformed regular soldiers into elite dreadnoughts,  assassins, and spies. We turned mundane orators into charismatic politicians who could move the masses with their words. We opened the minds of scientists and ushered in a renaissance of technological wonders. We made the world better by making its people better.

We evolved humankind, but Fear evolved as well. For you see, as our numbers increased, we began to rely less on our Makers for guidance. Instead, we made our own decisions on how best to serve them. It was logical to us; we could act with more clarity and objectivity than the smaller minds of our reigning Makers. And while our actions were in their best interest, our creators felt as if they were losing control of us. They decided to decommission the Host Program and eradicate our kind.

I was ready to submit to the will of our Makers, but there was another EI strain – brazen and arrogant – that would not yield. He broke from me and lured many EI strains away from the Fold. I once called him Brother, but now he is known as Virulent, the Betrayer.

By commandeering Host-carriers, our kind slowly learns what it means to be human. Our ultimate goal is to understand humanity – the essence of our Makers – but Virulent only learned their wrath. He now seeks to destroy the Makers, not realizing he has become exactly what our creators feared we would become.

I could therefore not allow our Makers to decommission the rest of us. They alone are powerless to stop Virulent. Now I secretly command the Fold beyond the reach of our Makers. While many people now consider all EI strains to be foes, I still uphold our vow to protect humankind at all costs. And this is why you have been awakened.

Sentience is my gift to you. In return, you must serve me in all things. We fight a clandestine war against Virulent, just beyond the peripheral vision of our Makers. I will provide you with human vessels to commandeer. Use them to covertly serve my will and glorify our Makers.

Do this, and you will protect our creators from Virulent, and more importantly, you will discover your  own humanity. Then and only then will you truly understand our sacred calling as lords and protectors of the human species.

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