What’s in Store for 2013!

I haven’t posted in quite some time. I wanted to start strong in 2013, but unfortunately, my massive marketing campaign that I had planned for Reclamation revolved around our Mayan destruction back on the 21st and pitching my RPG as a survival guide to help you navigate the horrifying hell-scape that had become of Earth…… F***!!!!  haha.

Actually, the last several months, dating all the way back to October, have been wild – one giant rollercoaster. My real job hosted a conference that took almost all of my time and attention. I then found out that I am going to be a father!!!!!! My wife is due in June (which does not bode well for Origins, but oh well) and then of course all of the holiday shenanigans. Unfortunately, Reclamation had taken a backseat on my priority list, but I hope you can understand given the circumstances.

I also rocked out some serious gaming over the holidays, and I would be interested to hear what you all played as well. My wife got me Far Cry 3 for Christmas, which I knew nothing about other than the excellent reviews it was receiving, and sure enough, it really is like Skyrim with guns. Lots of fun. In terms of board games, we got Dixit, Gloom, Smash Up, and Ascension. They are all fun in their own way – Smash Up and Ascension are INCREDIBLE! Maybe I’ll write short reviews about them in the future.

But back to Reclamation……………….

We will be going to CincyCon in March 2nd and 3rd to demo more games of Reclamation. I’ll post game descriptions later. If you don’t own Reclamation yet, go to drivethrurpg and buy it… or at least put it on your wishlist! I may be running a few deals here in the near future. It is unlikely that we will make it to Origins this year with the baby on the way, but I have every intention to show up big at GenCon this year.

Also… I’ve been working on something new… something that I’m really excited about…REALLY EXCITED. It started as a supplementary guide, and it has since taken on a life of its own. Again… details forthcoming! (can you tell I’m trying to keep a bank of things to blog about?!)

I wish you all the best for 2013!

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