Back from Pandoracon!

In case you were not aware, my wife and I went to Pandoracon this weekend to demo Reclamation to anyone willing to sit down for a few minutes to listen. To be honest, I had many reservations going into this event. For starters, I was not entirely sure there would be a table waiting for us, and even if there was, I wasn’t sure anyone would take any interest in the game as this was not a “gaming” convention per say. Rather, it was more of a hybrid steampunk/art/sci-fi event with everything sort of intertwined with Doctor Who. And sure enough, when we got there, it did not appear that there were any roleplaying games present with of course the grand exception of DOCTOR WHO!

The convention ran from Friday to Sunday, but at my real job we are preparing for our upcoming Users Conference which means there was no way that I could take that Friday off to be there three days. Anyway, I drove to the Crown Plaza in Blue Ash immediately after work, and sure enough, they had a table reserved with my name on it. My wife and I collected our badges and went home. My friend then came over and brought a banner that his brother made for me which was very well done. In fact, I will try to post a pic of our humble little booth (right now it’s on my wife’s iPhone).

The next morning we show up, set up, and then just wait… I thought for sure this was going to be a long weekend of just sitting there, stewing in my own disappointment and embarrassment, as people walk past over and over again… but as it turns out, we had many people come up to the booth to ask about the nature of the game. I lost track of how many people took our business cards, and we even had people who sat down to actually run a 1-hour demo.

I got to meet a lot of incredibly friendly gamers. I was offered opportunities to be interviewed for gaming podcasts, I was introduced to other conventions coming up in the near future that I am going to be looking at attending, and just overall, it was incredible. I am always floored by just how amazingly friendly and interesting this community truly is. From the Middle School teacher from Chicago who spends his free weekends traveling to cons to sell his steampunk apparel, to the engaged couple to our right with a girl that can draw incredible dragons, to the woman across the way with an awesome game, jewelry, and supplemental guides who gave me a lot of good suggestions on how to demo at future cons, I just really found that I had a lot of fun at this event!

I’d like to thank Aloysius Fox who put together Pandoracon, and I would also like to thank everyone who stopped by to let me geek out for a few minutes on this game to which I have poured so many years of my life.

5 responses to “Back from Pandoracon!

    • I really enjoyed talking with you about your game. It has alot to unique features and feels very slick for a first edition. Thank you for the time you spent explaining different mechanics within the game. I found it easy to understand but complex enough to hold my intersest. The ability to vary your agressiveness combined with the diceless mechanic is very intriguing and seem like it will be alot of fun. Assuming I can get a group togeather I would love to give it a run.

      • Thanks for the kind words! If you get a group, I would love to hear how it goes, what questions they had, what kind of story you told, etc. Reclamation has definitely been a labor of love, and my greatest hope is that the core book would become a catalyst for groups of friends to get together to tell exciting post-apocalyptic stories of loss and redemption.

  1. I have a big question about epic actions in the game. Are they auto success? Can do you something impossible. Hypothetical: A bomb goes off, my character holds up his hand and says “No”. He spends a Epic action, and blocks the explosion with his hand protecting his party. Possible?

    Please help me with defining this action. My group loves this game but is confused how far Epic goes…

    • Good question. A bit of a judgment call. For a fairly standard, non-crazy action… Auto-success. If the PC is trying something truly unrealistic… Maybe the epic action is tied to a fairly reasonable action check. Telling a bomb ‘no’ might be a bit of a stretch… But maybe if the player is a pariah with telekinetic power… Maybe it is diffused at a distance. Personally, an epic action would be something almost impossible… Like something that would have otherwise required a success threshold of 40 or worse. The truly impossible like saying ‘I want to fly with my epic action’ …. i would draw the line there.

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