Red Widow Pre-gen Backgrounds

Here they are! The backstories to the pregenerated characters for the Red Widow campaign. The actual character sheets will be done in the next day or so. Let me know what you think! Again… these could be used for anything. I tied most of the backstories into the protectorate since everyone in the Red Widow adventure are lackeys of the Protectorate, but these could always be modified for other storylines and adventures.

Paragon Bruiser

Alec Farris is no stranger to blood and suffering. When he was but a child, his live cell was targeted by the wrath of a horde-thane. As the archon’s minions stormed the office building that his family called home, his parents stowed him away in a small closet. That night, Alec listened to the blood-curdling screams of his loved ones being ripped apart by the slaves of The Black Dream. Alec remained frozen in that closet for days—almost dying from malnourishment and sleep deprivation—before the closet was abruptly opened by a CDC Witch Hunter who was investigating the aftermath of destruction.

The CDC operative took Alec back to HQ and nursed him back to health. Alec remained with the CDC for almost ten years, learning their ways, their traditions, and most importantly, learning their zealous hatred for the mortis horde. During this time, the radiation also sculpted his flesh into perfect form; the fallout had marked him with perfection. The CDC treads lightly with those marked by the fallout, so they decided to contract Alec Farris out to the Protectorate for a two-year contract. This would test his mettle on the field and his ability to control his “gifts” which would be necessary if he were to return to the CDC to become one of their elite weapons against the horde. Alec knows that he has much to learn, but everything he does is to prepare for the day when he gets to once again confront that archon that made his family bleed, and return the favor.

Survivor Archivist

Brendan Phelps is an adventurous, young spirit with no fear of the Dystopia; he epitomizes the collective zeal of the GTP generation. His father was a renowned Outreach Missionary by the name of Arturo Phelps. His achievements were many: discovering fertile valleys for settlement, vast stockpiles of firearms and other resources, finding new species of herbs vital to post-Cataclysm medicine, etc. Inspired by his father’s efforts, Brendan volunteered himself to the Protectorate at the age of 14 for a 4-year contract. During that time, he would study under the Archivist branch of the Protectorate and learn the trade of survival and exploration to one day follow in his father’s bold footsteps.

But just a year ago, Arturo went missing. He had traveled far west beyond the Dead Zone in search of an artifact of immeasurable power. He had written cryptic letters to Brendan about it in the past. “I believe it is out there… buried in the sands… it will be a beacon of light to the new world.” Brendan wanted nothing more than to rush to his father’s rescue, but desertion from the Protectorate is often a death punishment. Brendan has resolved himself to acquire as much knowledge as he can in his last few months indebted to the Protectorate, because as soon as his term is over, his quest for his lost father will begin.

Pariah Demon

Born into affluence, Desmont Lafayette was so sheltered growing up that he had actually never faced the mortis-horde. He lived in a massive haven—a fortress of humanity and a bustling city of culture and wealth. His family held much influence in the city; they understood the ebb and flow of political power and always made sure that their House was respected and never challenged. That is… until Desmont began to show his “mark.” The Lafayettes had manufactured a culture of fear against those who were marked by the fallout.  “They are a danger to our way of life!” championed Gregory—the patriarch of the Lafayettes. So when Desmont began to transform, Gregory (in his mind) had no choice but to excommunicate his son, and so he did.

Desmont lived as a vagabond for almost two decades. He has tasted the poverty of the Dystopia and longs to return to a throne of affluence. Therefore, when he stumbled across a Protectorate outpost in the middle of nowhere, he gladly conscripted himself to their efforts. The Protectorate offers wealth and recognition to those who serve their will without question, and Desmont is desperate for any opportunity to climb the ladder of power. Perhaps one day he will get to revisit his estranged homeland… but this time with an army at his back.

Magi Chaplain

Seth of the Burning Truths is an elderly man that has found his purpose late in life. He once lived in constant fear; his house surrounded day and night by droves of mortis dregs pounding relentlessly at his doors and windows. He lived alone with his fear, and that festered and congealed in his soul until it became too much to bear. Seth slipped into The Black Dream, gathered all of the gasoline still stockpiled in his basement, and set his home on fire. The fires swirled around him and consumed him, but in that painfully liberating moment, Seth had a vision—the fires turned white as snow and the light acted as a beacon that summoned angels from heaven. The angels slayed the mortis creatures, then knelt before him and said that The Architect has need of service. “Find his truths in the flame, and bring victory to The Architect’s people!”

Seth awoke from his Black Dream Vision horrifically burned from head to toe—but alive! From that day forward, he has been obsessed with fire and seeking out the fundamental truths of the universe. Each night he sets a fire and stares into it for hours and hours, trying to divine in the secrets of the Architect. It seems strange, but several Magi rites have been revealed to him in this manner, which only bolsters his dogged resolve in this endeavor. To further his works for humanity, he volunteered his services to the Protectorate to defend other survivors from the horde, and to enlighten them to his Burning Truths.

Host Tinkerer

Isaiah Washington was born a few years after the Nuclear Cataclysm with a severe case of autism. However, Isaiah was incredibly bright, and his father—a pre-Cataclysm college professor—took painstaking efforts to give his child a proper education. His son learned at a remarkable pace. Isaiah demonstrated an eidetic memory—he remembers every word of every page he ever reads. The problem began when his family was forced from their boarded home to join a growing live cell. While this new family offered shelter and peace of mind, it exacerbated Isaiah’s social deficiencies. Soon after, he ran away from home.

For all intents and purposes, Isaiah should have been found by the mortis-horde and destroyed, but he luckily crossed paths with a Host-carrier who believed his brilliant mind would be an asset to the Fold. He performed the Ritual of the Machine on Isaiah. When he regained consciousness, Isaiah could hear the Whispers in his head calling out for him to collect every book that he could, read every line of every passage, all for the glory of the Fold. He has been doing this ever since.

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