The Red Widow – Free Reclamation Adventure!

Hi everyone,

The first draft of my first attempt at writing the first free adventure scenario for Reclamation is complete!

This adventure is called The Red Widow. Players are members of the Sentry Defense Initiative which is a sub-organization of the Protectorate in charge of securing the peace of havens across the globe. A series of strange disappearances at a nearby live cell has resulted in the party being sent to put a stop to whatever is going on. It seems like a cut-and-dry security mission, but there is more to this mystery than meets the eye. The protagonists of this story will find themselves caught in a dark plot that has been slowly unfolding for the last forty years!

Anyway, several of you expressed an interest in helping me edit this adventure. I would love your feedback. Again, I have run many many many games in my lifetime, but I never wrote any of them out – incoherent scribbles in a notebook is as good as it ever got. So this whole “writing modular adventures” thing is a new frontier for me. There are already a few things that I want to tweak, and I know that I either need to provide pre-generated characters for this adventure or at least give a few pointers as to how to create characters for this game (like how many resource points characters should be given to purchase their own equipment, etc.).

If you are going to be at Pandoracon or at U-Con, you may want to think twice before reading this adventure. I will be running this game at both Cons, and if you wanted to try out Reclamation for yourself, you may not want to spoil all the story-line surprises. Please please please! I would love to get your feedback and constructive criticism. You can post general thoughts/ideas here on the blog, and you can also email me directly at

Click here to read or download The Red Widow adventure!

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