Back from the Dead!

Okay… so I haven’t posted in a very long time. I apologize. The real world has been taking up a lot of time recently, but  just so that you all know that we are constantly moving forward, I wanted to provide a few updates on what we are doing in terms of Reclamation.

For starters, I am hosting another session of Reclamation tonight. My intention is to twitter some of the exciting moments and/or funny one-liners that go down in the game. I meant to do this last time, but I just forgot. Oops.

Second… we will be attending Pandoracon September 29th-30th. This will be another exciting opportunity to demo the game to people in the Cincinnati, OH area.

We are also preparing for U-Con next month in October. I have several sessions lined up, and I will also be participating in a panel discussion about RPGs and Kickstarter, which should be a lot of fun.

FINALLY…. Tomorrow I will be releasing the short mini-adventure that I’ve taken forever to write. Those of you who said you were interested in reviewing and helping me get this adventure on track, I would love your feedback. It’s taken me some time because A) I’m really picky about my writing and B) I just have struggled to find the time to work on it. However, it’s far enough along that I’m ready for others to look at it without me being terribly embarrassed.

So check back in tomorrow if you want to read and/or download a free Reclamation adventure to play with your friends!

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