In Progress

So right now I’m in the process of writing a mini-adventure for Reclamation. This really isn’t something that I’m accustomed to, considering that I have only ever run games with my own storylines, never anything pre-programmed from another book.  I’ve read a few samples to get a general idea on how to write something along those lines, but again, it is sort of a foreign concept for me.  I am used to looking over chicken-scratch outlines that only make sense to me (which is good… because it keeps snooping players from trying to get a leg up on my stories, lol).  So anyway, for those of you who said you were interested in helping in that process, I wanted you to know that I am in fact working on that right now, so just hang tight!

Also, I have been mulling over ideas on how to reach out to the gaming community to show off Reclamation. I had it suggested to me on the FB page to run campaigns online through Google+ hangout.  I think this is a cool idea. I imagine I could actually run short games for people who have already bought copies of Reclamation, or demo the game for people who have not. I’m trying to figure out the logistics for all of that (and suggestions would be more than welcome!). Like… I don’t know if there is any software that I should try to use to help facilitate the game or not.  I’m not sure how long those games should run, etc.  That being said, I would definitely like to try and set something up so that in a month’s time I am playing Reclamation online with people around the country…or… wait for it… the WORLD!

I also thought about setting up Twitter (still don’t have one) and maybe twittering some of the games that we play… or at least some of the most ridiculous one-liners. Yesterday I ran a game at “The Art of War” which is a hobby shop in Cincinnati. It was a lot of fun, and there were a number of awesome lines that I wish I had written down to share… then again, many of them would have been grossly inappropriate to repeat, but hey, it’s all in good fun. I’ve never really gotten into Twitter, and I’m not exactly sure how to use it effectively, but I figure I should probably start learning as I am very serious about trying to raise some Reclamation awareness and get people interested in this game!

So… let me know if you have any ideas on Google+ Hangout stuff or Twitter. Tell me if you’d be interested in playing a one-night session online, or getting a demo of the game.  I really think this could be a cool experience, but it would help to know if there was actually interest out there to make this all worth pursuing.

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