New Reclamation Offers

We were finally able to make Reclamation available on Hardback through DriveThruRPG/RPGNow/etc. At this point, we have decided to sell exclusively through this site. This means several things. First, we are retiring the Adobe Digital License and Paperback options for Reclamation which were previously available at Lulu. We may at some point offer a paperback at DriveThru, but at this time, we are streamlining the product line to PDF copies and Hardback copies.

However, here is the big advantage of this move… due to the nature of DriveThru’s printer and the advantages of making them our exclusive carrier, we are able to be more competitive with our pricing. Here are the new prices:

  • $29.95 – Hardback copy of Reclamation
  • $14.95 – Watermarked PDF copy of Reclamation
  • $39.95 – Bundled deal including Hardback + PDF
Don’t forget that we are also selling the custom Fate Decks right here on this site for $15 (free domestic shipping).

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