Help Me Make an Adventure!

As part of my kickstarter campaign, I announced that if we met the stretch goal of $8,000.00 (which we did), I would create a starting adventure and provide it to everyone for free. It turns out that I had grossly underestimated the amount of last-minute preparations that would be necessary to get the game finished, published, delivered, etc. However, I have not forgotten about this promise and I am now working on that custom adventure.

Want to help?  When I finish the initial draft, I would love to send it to anyone who would be willing to take a look at it, provide some suggestions or ideas to really make this an exciting mini-adventure. Just leave a comment below if you’d be up for it and then email me so that I have an email address for you.

So in this adventure, the players act as convicts brought to justice by the radical cult-like order of the CDC (also known as the Witch Hunters for their over??zealous hunting of those lost to The Sickness). The leader of that sect offers each of the protagonists a chance to regain their freedom by taking on a mission of monumental importance and danger. The CDC recently sent a peace envoy to a large live cell north of the Ohio river–tucked away in the heart of what remains of the Cincinnati Zoo–that never returned. The tracking devices implanted within each of those members indicates that all are dead except for the captain of that mission, but his whereabouts are hazy; something is distorting the signaling device.

The group is given a deceptively simple objective: complete the peace envoy’s mission. However, they are not told exactly what the mission was. Instead, each convict is given a piece of the mission that must be fulfilled. The CDC does this intentionally to prevent the convicts from turning on each other or abandoning each other. If the mission is not successful, everyone is put to death, but to succeed, each person must fulfill his or her obligation. This is in line with the cryptic dealings that the CDC Witch Hunters engage in each and every day.

This adventure will be a mix of combat, problem-solving, and investigation. There will of course be a variety of dangerous encounters: mortis-creatures, mutated zoo animals, etc.  They will face environmental challenges, and of course, they will need to find and decipher the clues of what exactly happened to the last envoy and what must be done to complete their mission without letting history repeat itself in the most gruesome fashion.

So again, anyone interested in taking part in this little creative exercise?

6 responses to “Help Me Make an Adventure!

  1. Glad to see interest! What I’d like to do is put together a rough draft which I’ll then send to you guys (and anyone else that posts to this thread before I’m finished). Then we brainstorm ideas, etc. Maybe get a Google+ chat room up and running one night, or whatever. I don’t know, lol.

    • Absolutely.

      As it turns out, I had to put aside the campaign I started to design because it was just too open-ended and I was having a lot of trouble trying to frame everything that could happen in the document.

      I am now working on a more structured campaign (no less interesting, in my opinion) with more finite options in terms of storytelling direction. I will definitely let you know when it is ready for review.

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