Feedback and Upcoming Projects

It has been my experience with role-playing games and other products in the gaming genre that the absolute best form of marketing is word of mouth. If you have a happy customer base, they will share your product with others, and THAT is fundamentally how you grow.  As I’ve stated before, I have literally spent years working on Reclamation, and I hope to have a slew of new products to follow up with in the future.  However, the key to the kingdom is that people actually enjoy the game. I want to thank everyone who have sent me emails so far. I appreciate the time you spent to write them, and your kind words help motivate me to keep pushing forward on this game. However, I wanted to share an excerpt from a gentleman in France who had really positive things to say about Reclamation.  I promise I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, lol. Rather, I hope to make it clear that my goal is to have as many people as possible have this kind of experience with Reclamation.


I bought Reclamation hardback on lulu a couple of weeks ago, already read a good part of it and I really want to congratulate you for a GREAT game: both system (original, wonderful character classes and customization, crunchy, giving lots of choices to players yet not too slow or complicated) and setting (dark but heroic… though i’d have liked it to be more detailed) are the best i’ve read since a long time… and i buy a huuuge ton of rpg in both french and english, indy and mainstream! I hope there’s a complete line planned, with books about detailed locations, factions, rules, adventures… your work is really of professional quality and deserve to be known more. I actually plan to write a review of Reclamation on the Grog (french main rpg reviews website).

I wasn’t part of the kickstarter (never heard about it until it was over!) but i’d sure buy any future book from you!

I’d also like to know if its possible to buy the custom cards decks?

Thank you again for a really great work.


This also leads me to the other reason for this post:  I agree with Gauthier that more detail could be added to the Dystopia. I had to cut some of the descriptions short because of time, page count, etc.  Somewhere down the line I envision books that completely detail the backstory of every Marked Class, every faction, a detailed chronology of Event Zero, the Nuclear Cataclysm, and other important events, an actual written out Paragon Manifesto, extended Gift lists, adventure scenarios, etc.  While I will certainly be putting 90% of my attention into getting the word out on Reclamation and having that game stand on its own, I can’t help but think about future supplementary material (provided that there is enough interest).  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should start working on in terms of additional or bonus content?


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