Final Stage of Delivery

Hello again!

I wanted to provide a quick update on what we have going on here at Architect Games:

  • The Kickstarter incentive fulfillment is in its final stage. The last round of books should all be sent off this Saturday (this includes international backers). It turns out to be a challenge to mail off this many books when both you and your wife work full-time, but we are at last ready to get these books out and away. Thank you for your patience if you have not yet gotten your book. For those of you who have, thank you thank you thank you for all the kind words! For those who know me, I sometimes handle compliments poorly (I get uncomfortable), but all of your exceedingly positive feedback helps me justify the seven years I spent writing this game, so thanks for that!
  • Working on system to sell the custom cards.  A lot of people have been emailing me and posting on this blog asking how to purchase the customized playing deck for Reclamation.  Once I get a few answers from the post office Saturday, I should be able to make the fulfillment of those orders go live shortly thereafter.
  • Working on Origins demo games.  Check out my previous post on the schedule of events that we have lined up for the Origins Game Convention.  Last night Brad Collins and I sat down to really flesh out some of the finer details of the Journey that he will be playing out (Bloody Homecoming) as well as the adventure I’ll be running (Pardoning of Sins).  We will both be running New Blood. These are all adventures I’ve conducted in the past, but revamped, and in some cases, re-imagined. If you are going to Origins, check them out!  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  We’ll be teaching the rules, passing out really cool pre-gen characters and prizes, etc.
  • Working to sell hardbacks on DriveThruRPG.  Waiting to hear back from the printer that DriveThruRPG uses to see if my book fits the parameters of their printing press.
  • Working on other games. We have a board game, card game, and a micro-RPG in the works.  I also want to begin work on a few supplementary guides for Reclamation, but only if the game really picks up some steam.  More on those later.

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