Light of the World – Part II

Okay… sorry for the break in description… I’ll try to wrap up what happened. For those of you checking out this blog for the first time, this post is part II of a Reclamation session played last Saturday with some of my friends. You should read the previous post before reading this one to understand what exactly is going on!

So…. here we go…….

The party stands face-to-face with the hulking abomination. Most of the party rushes towards the garage where Nadia was finishing up with the vehicle. Diego hangs back to taunt the monster into pursuing him. The abomination dug his fists deep into the earth and pulled out a huge cement block of the road itself and hurled it at the party. Aroque–a Pariah with the ‘Hercules’ gene pool–triggered his supernatural strength and attempted to catch the cement in mid-air. He flipped a black ace! (which is REALLY good) He was still slammed into the building behind him, but he was able to hurl it right back at the abomination who consequently flipped a red ace (which is REALLY bad…but REALLY good for the protagonists). This doubles the abomination over. Aroque continued for the vehicle while Diego taunted the bleeding beast more. Diego rushed to the roof while the abomination slammed himself into the house, trying to knock the whole structure over the cliff. Diego desperately rushed to get to the roof.

Meanwhile, Nadia got the vehicle working but was then grabbed by a winged mortis-creature grabbing her through an open window. Quickly she pulled out another glow stick, broke it, and spilled the contents in the fiend’s face. Shrieking in agony, the winged monster tried to clear its eyes while Nadia pulled out her shotgun, blasted off a wing, and sent the mortis-creature hurdling down the side of the cliff. She then got into the car and made a wild dash right at the abomination, breaking at the last moment. Miles Richter, armed with a rifle, critically wounded the abomination for an obscene amount of damage. At this point the monster didn’t even really have a head, just a massive body with blood spewing from the neck like a geyser. Yet still it was able to push over the house, forcing Diego to leap to the next rooftop just in time. Unfortunately, his action check to jump onto the roof of the van was not so good… he pretty much swan-dived head first and almost knocked himself out.

In truth… maybe it is because I was tired, but I seriously do not remember how the abomination died. It might have been another killshot from Miles Richter, the disgraced politician. All I know is that it was ridiculous, lol. Anyway, so they start driving away. From the mist they hear a voice echo, “Bring her back to me!” and a few mutated hellhounds are now on their trail. Nadia is forced to make several driving checks to weave in and out of the debris as she drives down the street of a ruined town. One of the hellhounds leaps forward to slash a tire, and is met with a repelling spell from Lunar Tide, a successfully landed rifle shot from Miles, and a spray to the face with a fire extinguisher from Donovan Jaedan. It slams the beast into a wrecked vehicle, breaking his neck in the process. Then suddenly Nadia sees a strange figure in white wrappings in the middle of the room with a hand out to stop them. She swerves away and crashes the vehicle to avoid hitting the stranger. The figure in white calls for them to go down into a hidden bomb shelter before the other hellhound arrives. Lunar Tide cries out, “By the Will of Elohim, what is thy true purpose?” and the white figure responds, “Not me, you idiot. It only works on the horde.” They follow the person into the shelter where there is a stockpile of food and surveillance camera feeds on several TV sets. The figure in white removes her veil and says that she is Aliya, Warden of Light. She says that she is part of an order that has been searching out this girl for several years. After questioning her, it is clear that she is who she says. She recommends that they lay low in this shelter for a few days, but Lunar Tide looks up at the surveillance feeds and sees a hideous black cross planted firmly in front of the camera viewing just outside the shelter door, but when everyone else looks, it is gone. He passes a Philosophy check to tap into his own occult studies and recognizes that this means that whatever evil is following them has his eye on this spot, meaning that none of them were safe.  Aliya wanted to keep the child and force them on her way, but no one in the group would let Megan go. Aliya told them that they were at a cross-roads. Serve the Protectorate or serve the Wardens. They could not have two masters.

We will probably play again in a couple weeks!  Thanks for reading! It was a lot of fun to play. One of the interesting things about Reclamation is that you can run almost any kind of adventure story. This one has sort of an epic undertone to it, a sort of quest that you would see in a D&D game, but I have also run a number of games that are almost entirely survival horror, people making shields out of car doors and stabbing mortis creatures with screwdrivers to just try and live another day in the Dystopia. The setting is flexible enough to accommodate almost any kind of story that you want to tell.

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  1. CORRECTION! In a strangely honorable gesture, I was informed by the ousted politician Miles Richter that it was Aroque that ultimately killed the abomination. He planted his blade into the head wound of the creature for the killshot. The body then seized up and fell down the cliff, taking the sword with it.

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