Kickstarter Books are in!

I ordered quite a few books and custom cards to send off to the people who pledged to my game on kickstarter. My goal was to have the game out and delivered by April. There were a few hangups with last-minute art, but it looks like I will still be able to meet the goal! I think the books turned out very nice, and the corrections that I made to some of the “dark” artwork worked out, as well as the improved gutter margin to make everything easier to read. I will be sending these out ASAP along with the customized cards. I also have extras of both to begin parading around hobby shops, etc.

What’s next?  The Origins Game Fair in Columbus that runs from May 30th to June 3rd. I won’t have a sales booth there, but I will be demoing Reclamation Thursday/Friday/Saturday. If you will be there, please drop by and say hello! I would love to meet the people who have taken an interest in this project of mine.

Anyway, just wanted to show you a few pics, see that the game is real and that this is all really happening. haha!




5 responses to “Kickstarter Books are in!

  1. This is a full stand alone game and in Hardcover! I Love these.

    Will you be selling the special cards as well? if so, where?

    Just FYI Drivethrurpg is down for maintenance and has been all night?

  2. Yes, it is indeed a full stand alone game. The only thing you need in addition to the book to play is a regular 52-card playing deck for each person. I will be selling the customized Reclamation decks through this site shortly once I get the PayPal link set up properly–probably at some point this weekend.

    And yes… DriveThruRPG has been down for a little over a day. Very frustrating. However, the paperback and hardback versions of Reclamation are available through Lulu (the link is in the top right corner of this site). Right now you can only purchase a watermarked PDF from DriveThru. In the next few weeks, that will change. The problem was that the DriveThruRPG book requirements were different from Lulu, so I have to do a few things to make my file compliant to their printer standards.

    • Oh I got a Hardcover from Lulu ASAP!

      I figured I’d just mention DriveThru being down as that is one of your selling venues. It’s back up now. If anyone can’t get to DriveThru try RPGNow, same publisher and that was up while the other was down.

      I eagerly look forward to the cards! I am subscribed to your newsletter so I’m assuming they will be announced there.

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