Game On!

First of all, I want to mention that Lulu has shipped my large order of paperback and hardback copies of Reclamation to me. A bulk of these books will be used to fulfill my Kickstarter incentives, but I will have quite a few hardback copies left to demo at conventions, hobby shops, etc. Woot!

I am also excited about running my first Reclamation Journey this Saturday with actual copies of Reclamation in hand. Not only that, but each of my six players will be able to use a custom deck of Reclamation cards. Finally! No more jokes about, “I think Chris is just making up the rules as he goes along.” Before…yes…but now, we can all look up a rule together to verify how to handle the issue at hand. I cannot wait to start hearing game stories from other groups, but until those start pouring in, I thought I’d keep track of the adventure that’s going to unfold in my basement this Saturday.

A reluctant band of Protectorate soldiers have been forced to act as sentries in the Outskirts—a distant region hideously poisoned by the fallout. The closest haven-city is easily a month away by foot which is the only mode of transportation available to the Protagonists. Their orders are trite; for 90 days they are to survey the land around the outpost and report strange happenings back to headquarters. The outpost is a two-story flat that sits atop a winding hill that descends towards a river, or is it the ocean? No one knows for sure because the valley has been swallowed up by an impenetrable fog. The protagonists can hear the guttural groans of mutated beasts in the fog, and on occasion, the wailing cries of tormented mortis-fiends, but almost nothing ever emerges from the mist. The landscape is painted ghost-white from the ash that rains down from the sky 24/7, making everything appear like a desolate purgatory—a void. While this task is more or less a punishment to the protagonists, their tour of duty is soon to end. They are low on supplies and rations, but they only have one more day before they can pack up and return to the capital.

The party consists of the following:

  • A redeemed Pariah criminal who had his execution stayed in exchange for his absolute fealty to the Protectorate.
  • A mad Host chemist who recently designed an explosive chemical that will allow the Protectorate to vanquish many enemies. Unfortunately, this chemist is just as unstable as his creation, and for that reason he was sent to the Outskirts for the safety of everyone concerned.
  • An unnaturally handsome half-mutant with an insatiable appetite for pleasure in all forms. After sleeping with the spouse of a superior officer, he has been sentenced to the Outskirts as punishment.
  • A washed-up Paragon officer. 20 years ago, he was an esteemed champion of the Protectorate and a leader of entire battalion. After a series of monumental defeats and tactical blunders, he has been demoted to leading this dishonorable campaign.
  • An ousted Survivor politician who was outmaneuvered by his foes in the capital city. His enemies discovered a dark secret of his and threatened to make the information public unless he resigned from his position and joined the Protectorate Guard. Little did he know that his enemies would take the sentence a step further and send him to the Outskirts.
  • A zealous Magi prophet. He is the only one who volunteered for this mission and stands his post willingly. He once fell to the power of The Black Dream, and in those dark reveries, he saw this place over and over again. He knows something of great importance is soon to happen, and he believes that he has been selected by the Architect to oversee the events as they unfold.

Oh… and something IS going to happen………………

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