Architect Games Releases New Post-Apocalyptic RPG Reclamation


This is a press release that will go live later today ( on the Roleplayer’s Chronicle website (

On Sunday, April 15th, Architect Games proudly released its new and innovative post-apocalyptic horror RPG—Reclamation. The 289-page core guidebook includes game rules, setting descriptions, character sheets and profiles, storytelling guidelines and hundreds of unique powers and special abilities. Reclamation was in development for almost seven years before finally going public in the form of a Kickstarter project. The game was successfully funded in December of 2011, nearly doubling its fundraising goal.

At the heart of this unique variant on the post-apocalyptic genre is a 100% unique card-based action system. Instead of dice, each player uses a 52-card playing deck (called the Fate Deck) to help resolve action in the story. For each action, players flip one or more cards (depending on their talents) and use the results to help determine what happens next in the adventure. The Fate Deck also allows for a variety of original game mechanics that cannot otherwise be achieved with dice.  Combat is also unique. Players have the freedom to choose just how aggressive they are with each attack, and they can also perform “dramatic” or “epic” actions to defeat enemies in a more creative fashion than the typical, “I swing my sword!” or “I shoot my gun!” maneuvers that players are limited to in most RPGs.

The setting of Reclamation is a post-apocalyptic earth. A global pandemic called The Sickness brought an end to the modern age by transforming much of the human race into a mob of bloodthirsty degenerates. Those who succumbed to the disease were driven mad with the desire to fulfill their darkest and most violent fantasies. The leaders of the once-free world (also driven mad by The Sickness) armed themselves with nuclear vengeance and set our world to flame. From the burnt ashes of earth, the Dystopia was born. It is a land torn apart by radiation and stitched back together with a thread of the supernatural. Mutated beasts stalk the land. Crazed factions fight over limited resources. And perhaps most frightening, the millions of tormented men, women and children enslaved by The Sickness (called the mortis-horde) stalk the land in a desperate bid to spill the blood of those who have not yet lost their souls to The Sickness.

Players role-play survivors of the Nuclear Cataclysm who have been “marked by the fallout.” This means they have somehow gained special powers from the radiation blanketing the earth. There are literally hundreds of “Gifts of the Fallout” in Reclamation. You can harness everything from sorcery to genetic mutations to cybernetic technology. Characters are fully customizable. You control everything: your inherent traits, your learned talents, and even your background history. All of these things affect game-play and how your characters will survive (or not survive) the endless horrors of the Dystopia. You are not restricted to specific character archetypes like ‘the warrior’ or ‘the healer.’ Each Reclamation character is truly unique, especially once you add special powers to the mix.

Reclamation can be purchased as a watermarked PDF at for $19.95 or as a single digital license (viewable through Adobe Digital Edition) at for $12.95. Paperback and hardback copies of the game are scheduled to be available by the end of April 2012. Please visit for more information on Reclamation. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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