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I have just made Reclamation available at! This version of Reclamation is delivered in a “watermarked pdf” format which means that when you buy it from drivethrurpg, they will put your name as a watermark on the file to identify that copy as uniquely yours. You can of course make backup copies for yourself or put the game on multiple devices that you own (personal computers, tablets, etc.) but as always, giving out the PDF free to your friends is a copyright violation… and when you give out the game that I worked on for 7 years out for free… that makes me a sad panda. But anyway, it is exciting to have the game up in a second venue! I have links up on this blog/site for you to check it out, or go there directly:

Still working on the paperback and hardback versions. I thought that I was going to get in the second round of proofs this Friday. I was very disappointed when I came home from work and they were not there. I was even more disappointed that evening when I received an email from Lulu saying that JUST TODAY (Friday) the second proofs had been printed… and NOW they were on expedited delivery to my house.

Oh! And the Customized Reclamation Cards came in… they look incredible! I’ll have to take a few pictures at some point here to show them off.

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