The eBook of Reclamation has been successfully uploaded to Lulu. I tested out the downloading of the file and everything works as expected! Tomorrow or Wednesday I should receive my proof copy of the Reclamation paperback book, and provided that there are no gross formatting errors, I should be able to make those products go live as well!

That is exciting for two reasons… the first of which is the game will finally be finished and available for purchase! So much time and effort… it is amazing to see it all finally come to fruition. Second, I can start fulfilling the orders to my kickstarters who helped make this game into a reality. I targeted April for my estimated release when I first started my kickstarter project. I did in fact finish the game in April, but there were a few hiccups at the end and I had to wait a little longer on the art, so unfortunately, it seems that the physical copies of the game will be out to kickstarters by May… that is… except for the eBook which I will be able to start delivery ASAP! I also just ordered a crate of the custom Reclamation cards which I am also very excited about.

I hope that I will be announcing in my next post that I have ordered a number of paperback and hardback copies of Reclamation! Here’s to hoping that there isn’t anything grossly wrong with the proof!

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