Off to Press

Just the other day i received the final contribution of artwork that I needed before I could publish Reclamation. With that now out of the way, I just need to take my MASSIVE word file and format it to the specifications of Lulu (the online publishing house that I’ll be using to produce the game). Admittedly, I am a couple weeks behind schedule, but nothing too serious. I realized I am completely biased, but I think the book looks really good! The artists did a phenomenal job of painting this world into life, and I am anxious to start taking the game system out on the road so to speak and show it off.

For those of you who received the BETA version of Reclamation courtesy of your generous Kickstarter pledge… I highly recommend that you re-read the contents. I made a number of updates and changes throughout the game… most notably:

  • The “counter” system of combat. The values were changed and now if you fail to counter you are automatically wounded by the striker. This simplifies the resolution of a countered strike.
  • Shooting Firearms. Instead of guns having a Damage Scale like other melee weapons, they damage based on your degree of success against your adversary. Barely beat your opponent’s “Defend” score and you will just nick him for a small amount of damage. Greater successes yield greater amounts of damage. This was done to simplify the rules for advanced shooting techniques like double- and triple-tapping, shooting in burst or automatic mode, etc. It also answers the reason why someone can be shot so many times without dying. They just kept getting nicked, etc.
  • Gaining radiation from mortis-creatures. Instead of automatically taking so many points of radiation each time you are bit or scratched by a mortis-creature, a Luck Check is made. Only if you fail do you take radiation (10 points). This allows you to not have to add radiation every single time you get struck for damage. Basically, it amounts to a little less bookkeeping on your character sheet.

So I thought maybe I would start using this blog to add supplemental information to the game. For example, there are many references throughout the guidebook to the CDC Witch Hunters, and in some of the narratives, there is even references to certain CDC titles. I had intended to include hierarchies in the back of the book explaining the organizational structure of certain groups like the Protectorate, the CDC, etc. but I ran out of time and space in the book.

I am interested in building up this world, and I would LOVE nothing more than to collaboratively work with others. So any ideas that you have for special groups or organizations, or even ideas for characters, feel free to share them. My overarching goal is really build up a community of people whose collective ideas and imaginations forge the future of the Dystopia!

3 responses to “Off to Press

  1. I think I speak for all of us here, Mr. Griesinger, when I say we would love nothing more than to help continue to bring this game to fruition! I say we most certainly SHOULD continue with expansions!

    I know there have been mention of at least two plausible expansions- a full-sized Serenity expansion, and the elsewhere-mentioned Nephilim. Perhaps we could start by fleshing out ideas on the Nephilim and where they would come into play?

    • Thank you. That’s much appreciated. I will post some of my preliminary notes on the Nephilim a bit later, once I get over this initial publishing hurdle. The Nephilim essentially had special powers that were triggered using Drive Points instead of radiation, because every Nephilim is completely immune to radiation, The Sickness, and all special powers wielded by other “marked” characters. I removed them because I figured for the initial release of the game, I want radiation to play a significant role in the overall experience; it seemed weird to have one base class that would just ignore one of the key tenets of the game.

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