Welcome to the Dystopia, Friends!

I am just days away from sending my RPG off for publication! Still waiting on a few last minute art pieces, but the game itself is ready to go! I can’t even describe just how excited I am! Anyway… I wanted to take this opportunity to give special thanks to Andres Canals, one of my “clutch” artists on Reclamation. Many of the pictures that I have spotlighted on this blog and on my kickstarter site were drawn by him. He also drew most of the custom pics for kickstarter pledgers who put up %150 or more to my game. His artwork is incredible, and he really captured the dystopian feel of my game. You should check out some of his other work at: http://www.bluewave.fsnet.co.uk/Ac/concept.htm.


Amy Johnson! Welcome to the Dystopia, you untouchable Paragon, you!




Josh Hines! Welcome to the Dystopia, you magical sonuvab…. (and check out that ‘SWEET’ bat)



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