Custom Reclamation Cards

I have been working incredibly hard these last few weeks to tie up all the loose ends so that I can get Reclamation out for print. I am just waiting on a few more pictures and then I will be ready to go! It has certainly been a wild ride with countless ups and downs.  As I’ve expressed before, I am so humbled by all of your support, and I hold myself accountable to produce a final product that I will be proud of and one that you will enjoy! I hope to very soon have a new post where I proudly announce that Reclamation is off to print!

However, before that happens, I wanted to at least give you a sneak peak of some of the stuff I have been working on. Here is a sample of the Custom Reclamation game cards. There are a couple modifications that I am still going to make to them. For the face cards, I am going to include a plus and minus value to make it absolutely clear what the card depicts. For example, the black king will say +16 and the red king will say -16.  Anyway, I am excited about these cards, mostly because of the incredible artwork. Hope you agree!



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