Amazing Artwork

Okay… just a quick update (similar to the one that I posted on Kickstarter).

So anyone who pledged $150 or more to Reclamation received the opportunity to be drawn into my post-apocalyptic RPG. I have a couple more custom pictures that I am still waiting to receive, but I just had to post these… in part because they include my parents (my dad is the one that looks like the grizzled viking warlord!).

Incredible props to Andres Canals and Danny Cruz who put these pictures together. It is amazing to go over the pages of my game and think that just six months ago there was not a SINGLE picture… and now I have images of dystopian horror on just about every single page! While I certainly hope the RPG community embraces Reclamation and that it has success in this niche market… I know that either way I can walk away from this…..ughh… year project (hangs head in shame)…. knowing that I gave it my absolute best effort.



One response to “Amazing Artwork

  1. This artwork is amazing Chris! Beautiful job. That warlord looks exactly like your Dad! Congrats on your project progress….keep up the good work.

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