Building a Haven (PART 6)

I think we are very close to being finished with the haven-city of Serenity… at least I would say that I have plenty to be able to fill a couple of pages with sample information for the core guidebook.  As it was mentioned earlier… I think this collaborative setting is turning out to be very interesting. I could definitely see it as something that could fill its own book. I also want to mention that I am going to be working very hard to include Serenity into the demo campaigns that I will hopefully be running at the Origins Game Convention this year.

So… at this time, if there are any outstanding questions that people think need to be answered about this haven, by all means, let’s address those now.  Otherwise… here is my last request: what kind of challenges could Reclamation protagonists face in the city of Serenity?  I’ll start…

The morning after Ash Wednesday (after the lower houses have celebrated the occasion with their bizarre voodoo rites), over half of the women of Serenity appear to be several months pregnant. The pregnancies span all three Houses (but mostly favor the lower houses).  Tension between the citizens and denizens have never been greater as Stryker begins formulating the list of those who will need to be excommunicated or sacrificed (almost 200) in total.  Perhaps the protagonists are given early warning that they are on the list of upcoming sacrifices. Now they must either get to the root of this pregnancy mystery, find a way to remove their names from the list, or escape before Stryker’s judgment delivers them into death’s embrace.

7 responses to “Building a Haven (PART 6)

  1. Awesome challenge! Let me try my hand at one:

    Despite Stryker’s best efforts, a Host cell has been found inside the lower Houses of Serenity. As Stryker prepares to mobilize against them, a representative of the Host has approached the PCs asking their protection. Perhaps the Host cell claims to be benign; perhaps they offer the player substantial rewards for helping them to either escape or defend themselves. However, Stryker has also sent a missive to the players either ordering their assistance (if they live in Serenity) or requesting their aid in the upcoming battle (if they’re visitors). Stryker can also promise either special privilege in Serenity, or favor in Purge selections; he would also make a valuable, if dangerous and despicable, ally.

      • I also like how this opens up the idea of terrorist acts within the city that can begin to literally effect the shape of the terrain and people. An enclosed environment like this can show off dynamics that might not be felt in similar situations but different locales. When all is said and done, what will be the fate of Serenity? Will it be as close to preserved as possible or will a new city emerge?

  2. On a recent salvaging expedition has turned up an ancient CDC manual. While it quickly found its way into the hands of Stryker’s people, excerpts of it have been making its way through Serenity. Not only has it sparked greater unease against the Marked Ones, but some passages are even being used, in conjunction with local lore and beliefs, to conduct a few ritualistic killings of Marked Ones or anyone that is viewed as a threat to this new cause. Additionally, this has begun to threaten the balance of the 1000 and some view this as a prophetically coinciding with the “holy text”. Something big and dark is in the works and it’s up to the players to sort it out, as being Marked Ones or associated with their kind has placed them in jeopardy.

    I intentionally left the “ending” open for use. This could be as simple or complex as you’d like.

  3. Another easy one would be the collapse of a House… for example, House Charity and Touissant could engage in bitter civil war. While of course the other Houses may benefit (more births for themselves), this kind of bloodshed would of course threaten the 1000 rule, and the insurrection may come as an inspiration to some of the other “lower” houses who also covet the authority of the Faith and Hope. If the players are in either Charity or Toussaint, it would probably be a combat-oriented game. If the players are from other Houses, the story may play out with political intrigue as the centerpiece.

    • Or a literal collapse…a disgruntled group of survivors who were either rejected or cast out due to the rule of 1000 have begun sabotaging the foundation of Serenity. The players must stop them, by force or diplomacy, at whatever cost and fix the damage…or join the cause and over through Stryker and his rule.

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