Dystopian Lineage

So… I decided to record another one of the short story narratives that appear in Reclamation. This one focuses on “Dystopian Lineage.”  In Reclamation, your character can be born into one of three generations: Forerunners, Descendants, or God’s Ten Percent (GTP).  Forerunners are the oldest generation; they have more life experiences and wisdom which equates to more initial talent points at the beginning of the game.  Each successive generation gets fewer talent points, but more trait points (Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, etc.) to account for the fact that the human species is becoming stronger and more resilient in order to survive the perils of the Dystopia.

The recording also describes the overarching mentality of each generation and provides a general chronology of life in the post-Cataclysm world.


So what kind of protagonist are you looking forwarding to playing?  Forerunner Magi?  A Pariah from the God’s Ten Percent generation?  A paranoid Host Descendant?  In all of my play-testing sessions, it is very interesting to see how age and generation affect the social dynamics of the group and how the players either embrace or fly in the face of the traditional stereotypes associated with each generation.

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