In Preparation for Origins…

If you are looking to participate in the discussion on the haven-city of Serenity, skip down to the next post. 

I mentioned on my Kickstarter page that our intention is to demo Reclamation at the 2012 Origins Game Fair.  I have learned that the THEME for this year’s convention is….Time Travel?!  They don’t require all of the RPG sessions to fit into that theme, but at the same time, it never hurts to be a “team player” so to speak.

That being said… uhm… Reclamation really doesn’t fit the time travel mold. At its heart, Reclamation is post-apocalyptic dystopian horror. HOWEVER!!!!!!  There are multiple Magi rites that involve time travel and distortion.  There are also Host evolutions that slow time, bend reality, etc.  Not to mention, a clever storyteller can weave just about any thematic thread into an RPG adventure.

So… does anyone have any ideas on time travel elements that I could implement for Origins?  Pre-generated characters? Plot lines?  I would love to hear your feedback!!  As an example, in the current game that I’m running with my friends (that is actually based in the haven setting being carved out in this same blog), my wife is playing a Pariah with a collection of powers that are intended to emulate Dr. Who…… I realized that after she kept crying out “DELETE!” while jabbing her screwdriver into the side of a mortis dreg.  And just when you thought you had seen it all…..

3 responses to “In Preparation for Origins…

  1. Everyone seems to like time travel backward when discussing time travel. I’m a fan of time travel forward. It seems like Reclamation would be an ideal system (especially during demos) of a Final Destination-style one-shot in which one of the PCs (probably a pariah) receives a clear vision of some sort of cataclysm in which everyone dies, and the party tries to prevent it. Bonus points if their efforts to prevent it actually cause the cataclysm ;)

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