The End Times Are Upon Us!

No… it’s not 2012… don’t worry… you don’t need to overreact just yet! I’m talking about the end of my kickstarter project–the impetus behind this blog. With just 4 days to go we have raised just under $7,000.00. In other words, things are great! I have such an immense appreciation for those who have looked at my kickstarter site, and especially those who have pledged towards transforming this ambition of mine into a reality!

On December 3rd, the project will close and I will move into the final phase of the project: fulfillment of kickstarter incentives and having artists finish the artwork to my game. If you are interested in getting into the ground floor of Reclamation, you need to pledge at least $25 to the project before 10:20 PM Saturday, Dec 3rd. Why $25? Because that’s the amount you need to receive a BETA PDF copy of the game ASAP! My desire is to have everyone who gets this BETA version read the game and the narratives and provide any and all feedback. Certainly if you find mistakes or other typos, I would of course be interested in correcting those, but I’m talking about more fundamental feedback; what are you most and least excited about? What ideas do you have that could potentially be incorporated into the dystopian world that has become the backdrop of my rules system?

Again, Reclamation is not a story. It’s not about me telling you a tale about a group of post-apocalyptic survivors. Reclamation is a set of tools and ideas to help you and your friends tell your own stories. I want this game and this world to be influence by more than just my imagination. I want everyone involved. I want this to truly become a group venture. So again… that’s why I’m suggesting $25 for a pledge (if you’re interested, of course. I am not intending to pressure anyone in any way, shape, or form). 25 gets you the PDF so that you can read about this game and this world.

Thanks for all of your time and support!

Chris Griesinger

3 responses to “The End Times Are Upon Us!

  1. I’ve looked over the Beta and I have to say you’ve put a lot of marvelous work into this project – compared to some other RPGs I’ve supported through Kickstarter, you go to ’11’ and beyond. I’m very happy I decided to support your project. Looking forward to seeing more of “Reclamation” and whatever project you work on next.

    • Thanks so much! I have put an embarrassing amount of time into Reclamation… so I’m incredibly appreciative of your positive feedback. It makes me feel like I haven’t completely wasted all the time that I put into this RPG. Heh.

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