Art Gallery

I have uploaded a number of pictures that I have purchased from artists to include in the Reclamation core guidebook. Check out the Gallery (click the Reclamation menu button in the top-right corner and select Gallery) and let me know which pictures are your favorite, which styles you like, etc. I would appreciate the feedback to help guide future art requests that I make from these very talented artists.

Also… here is the artwork that I am going to use for the color cover of Reclamation! (Just in case you haven’t seen it yet)

One response to “Art Gallery

  1. Seems to me a teddy bear would bring little comfort to a boy whose parents look so wretched. He needs a rocket ship for his imagination so he can fly far far awsy from this awful place he calls home….away from his mom the day he notices her hands turning clawlike…away from his dad when his face turns into a breathing contraption atop his virle body….this little blue-eyed boy needs the comfort of softness and beauty…he needs to escape this horror he sees before him.

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