Upcoming Updates and a Shout Out

I’ve had a few excellent requests for additional information about Reclamation from other gamers. I will be working on updating the ‘About’ page of this blog to try and answer some of those questions in the near future to give others a more thorough understanding of this particular RPG–both in setting and system.

Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to push two podcasts involving a couple of my very good friends from college. William Coffing and Angela Craft are two hard-core gamers that know how to breathe life into fictional characters in order to create realistic and exciting adventures. I had the pleasure to role-play with them in college, and they were INSTRUMENTAL in the early formulations of the Reclamation world. They have two podcasts that you should check out!

fandible.com    –This is a recording of live games that they are playing in New York with a group of avid gamers. Their games are well-told, well-played, and very entertaining.

http://www.geekshow.us/category/content/podcasts/acog/   –This is a gaming podcast where William and Angela talk about a variety of topics. Also good stuff.

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