Marked Classes

As I believe I’ve said before, Reclamation is set in a post-apocalyptic earth destroyed by nuclear war and radiation fissures. The presence of the fallout has actually transformed this world into something alien, unrecognizable, and fantastical in nature. Basically, radiation is the catalyst that opens the door in Reclamation to spells, mutations, futuristic technology, etc.

In the Dystopia, there are those who are “marked by the fallout.” This means that the radiation has imbued them with supernatural powers. The characters that you play in Reclamation are considered marked. Now don’t think of these marks as character classes. Regardless of which mark you choose for your character, you can still play ANY kind of protagonist. For example, choosing to play a Magi (someone who can channel sorcery) does not mean you have to be weak and fragile. In Reclamation, you are never forced into an archetype.

With that preface out of the way, I put together a short PDF that describes the five Marks of the Fallout in more detail and the historical backgrounds behind them. Hopefully this gives you a glimpse into the expansive and all-inclusive nature of the game. While this is by no means the complete description of these marks, I hope it is enough to start giving you a glimpse into the Reclamation world.

Marked Classes

2 responses to “Marked Classes

  1. These are interesting classes, I am a fan of the Host and Pariah. In future supplements, would there be room for new marks?

    • Hi Andy,

      Absolutely. In fact, I retracted one of the original “marks” because I thought it would make more sense for a supplemental guide (which I hope this game has enough success to merit supplemental materials).

      A description of this group (The Nephilim) appears in the core Reclamation guidebook, but they are only described as part of the backstory of the Dystopia… not a playable class… not yet, that is!

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