Kickstarter Day 2 of 60 = 36% of Total Funding

Simply amazing!

The current rate of progress has been nothing short of staggering! Don’t get me wrong, I realize there is still a very long way to go, but the initial reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to everyone who have watched my Kickstarter video, linked my project on social media sites, and of course a very special thank you to those who have pledged so far! It would be wonderful to surpass my 5K goal which in truth was my absolute minimum. In reality, after factoring in the cost of fulfilling incentives, Kickstarter’s cut, and the amount of artwork that I still need to acquire, to do the project justice I will almost certainly need more than my initially set goal. I suppose I should have listened to my wife who argued for me to set a higher amount; I guess I was just afraid no one would care and I’d fall flat on my face… definitely something I didn’t want to see happen with a game that I have been working on for seven years.

I’ll tell you what surprises me most… Again, this has been a long project, and over the years I have played Reclamation (which used to be called God’s Ten Percent for oh I’d say 95% of the project’s lifespan) with several groups of gamers and non-gamers alike. Past that, the game has not really been exposed to anyone else. I am both honored and humbled by those who don’t know me and/or anything about my game, yet are still willing to pledge money to make the project come to life. I think that really speaks to the generosity, good-will, and the sense of adventure that is still alive and well in the human condition.

That being said, I don’t want to leave people completely in the dark about this game and what they are getting themselves into. That is one of the reasons why I set the $25 incentive to include a BETA copy of the game so that people can actually have the rules and experience Reclamation while I keep jumping through all the business hoops to turn my RPG into a deliverable product. However, I don’t want to make everything cloak-and-dagger for the next two months. I’ve decided that some of my periodic updates to both my blog and my kickstarter page will focus on shedding light on certain aspects of the game. There is a lot to talk about: the setting, how combat works, how ‘The Sickness’ and radiation impact the game, factions, “marked” classes, the character sheet, etc.

So for anyone who has already pledged to my game, or if you’re somewhat interested but feel like you need more information about this RPG before you decide to pledge, feel free to drop a comment on either my blog or the kickstarter page. I will take those comments and requests and use that to drive future posts.

3 responses to “Kickstarter Day 2 of 60 = 36% of Total Funding

  1. So you said that you love creating games, do you have any other projects in the works, or any that you’ve already completed aside from Reclaimation? Where do you plan to go from here with Reclaimation, such as expansions, you mentioned that people who contribute would get abilities not in the published game, so I was curious as to what you have in store down the line.

    And another major point, how do you plan to market this game in the future, I know as a role player myself, I’m pretty dedicated to one or two systems, and having gone to conventions most people seem to be the same way, they tend to stick to a system.

  2. I have a number of other project ideas that I am anxious to pursue once Reclamation is finally completed. Most notably, I have a board game called Vendetta that has actually been tested almost to the point of completion. In Vendetta, you play a power-hungry politician with a personal vendetta against another player in the game. You go around the town of Trezibond performing deeds to acquire enough influence points to ultimately hire a henchman to murder the person you hate. The deed cards are very tongue-and-cheek; for example, in the deed “Wenching Ain’t Easy,” you must decide whether to pass a law to ban prostitution in Trezibond or ‘keep your wench-hand strong’ and become the unofficial “manager” of these ladies of the night. Vendetta has a lot of dark and twisted humor which makes it fun for beginning players, but after you apply some of the optional “advanced” rules, it actually can become a fairly challenging strategy game.

    As for marketing, I think the only real way to break through that “one-system mentality” is to DEMO DEMO DEMO! While I understand that many hard-core gamers often claim that they are devoted to a single system, a certain type of action resolution, devoted to dice, etc. I think in reality what gamers are devoted to are RPGs with rules that make the whole experience fun and exciting. Reclamation is very different from other games on the market, but not one of those changes was made for the sake of being different. I think the system behind Reclamation allows for maximum creativity, heart-stopping combat sequences, and immense storytelling versatility. And ultimately, the best way to prove that is to actually sit down with people and demonstrate the game. I plan to attend as many conventions as I possibly can afford, showcasing Reclamation off to anyone willing to give me a few hours of their time!

  3. watching and waiting with you, and cheering you on. You sound like you have truly dedicated your life to these projects, and your passion for the games is admirable.

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