The Reclamation has officially begun!

Greetings Programs! (is that a proper address for a blog? I’m new to this)

My name is Chris Griesinger and this is the official blog of my role-playing game that I plan to self-publish in the next few months called Reclamation. For those of you unfamiliar with role-playing games… it’s kind of like what they did on that one episode of Community last year. Basically, an RPG is a type of game that is played without a board. One person acts as the main storyteller and everyone else pretends to be characters living out that story. Together the group invents an epic narrative where everything that is said and done in the story is determined by the players, as opposed to say, watching the story unfold on the silver screen or on the next page of a book. The purpose of the Reclamation game book is to provide certain rules and conventions for determining the outcome of specific actions in the story. For example, Person A says something nasty to Person B. Person B decides to chop off Person A’s head. The game rules help determine whether Person B successfully murders A or if Person A gets away. That is an exaggerated example (well… sort of… it depends who you are playing with) but hopefully you get the idea. RPGs are all about creativity and a little bit of acting.

This blog, this site, and everything else related to Reclamation is a first for me… so bear with me as I learn to navigate the treacherous waters of blogging and social networking. I understand that the interwebs are made up of a series of tubes…that’s about it. From what I understand, blogs are meant to be a stream of consciousness and loosely organized. That’s just…well…perfect for me.

This game–Reclamation–has taken me the better part of seven years to complete. Why would I spend so much time on introducing another role-playing game into an overly saturated environment during a recession?

Because I make poor life decisions.

And because I love creating games, and I love what I have created with Reclamation. Like most people with fatal cases of perfectionism, I have completely re-written the rules over and over and over again. And over again. And then again. And then I tweaked something here. Then I completely re-wrote something else… and that of course required a re-write of another section… and so on. The fact of the matter is that I wanted to create a game that was truly unique and something that I would be proud to put my name on. I wanted to create my own rules, my own system, from all of the gaming experiences that I have had over my lifetime (around 15 years worth). I wanted it to be something special, and I feel like I finally have it! So yes… it took forever, but here I am with a completed rulebook that I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE WITH OTHERS!!!

The purpose of the Reclamation book is to help you and your friends tell an epic story that takes place in a post-apocalyptic earth. In order for this book to be successful, it has to be able to paint a clear picture of what this dystopian world of mine looks like. Reclamation includes sorcery, sci-fi technology, mutants, zealous cults, zombies, you name it. This means I need A LOT of art to bring this world to life… and that’s the predicament for me. It turns out people don’t like doing things for free (damn you, capitalism). So I turned to a site called to help me raise the money for my project.

Check out the project here!

Kickstarter is a site where people post their creative projects in hopes that friends, family, and complete strangers will pledge money to help “back” these projects. Basically, I name a goal amount (in my case, $5,000) and I also set a number of days that I want to raise at least this much money by (in my case, 60 days). At the end of that time, if I meet or beat that goal, everyone who pledged money to Reclamation will have those funds drawn and Kickstarter will send me what I raised. If I don’t reach that goal (even if I’m one dollar short), then I get nothing. Zip. Nada. And no money is taken from you. To try and encourage people to pledge money to my project, Kickstarter allows me to set up certain incentives. For example, if you pledge ten bucks to my game, then you’ll get your name added to the acknowledgments of my book. As you pledge more money, you get cooler and cooler incentives–everything from signed copies of the gamebook to having yourself actually drawn into the game with a short story written about you or your fantasy character. Kickstarter screens all of their submissions, so only select people get the opportunity to raise money on their site. I was fortunate enough to be selected.

I set this blog up to introduce my game to the world and to share my personal thoughts on role-playing, the post-apocalyptic genre, and the daily joys (AND IMMENSE FRUSTRATIONS) of game design. Feel free to browse this blog/site/whatever. I have included various excerpts from my book to give you a better idea of what the setting of my game is like along with more detailed information about the game itself. I would love to share more about my game to those who are interested or just strike up interesting conversations and dialogues with people about well… anything really.

Click the links in the top-right corner to learn more about me and this game. Please feel free to post comments, questions, or email me at

If you want to be cool cat, check out my Kickstarter project here.

If you want to be an even cooler cat, pledge a few bucks to my project.

If you want to be a BA feral kitty, tell someone else about this site or my kickstarter project.

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